WCAC Coach of the Year, Marty Keithline

In his office at Bishop McNamara High School, Coach Marty Keithline is surrounded by pictures of former teams that he has coached, as well as trophies and even a few basketballs. (Photo by Laura Kelly-Bryant/THE CAMPEDE)

by Erika Jackson, Staff Writer

Marty Keithline,  and McNamara Varsity Basketball coach, was recently selected as WCAC coach of the year. Keithline has 16 years of coaching experience at BMHS and was nominated for this award by fellow coaches.

“I coach this sport because I played it my whole life,” Keithline said. With a focus on skill their stats were 19-9-0 overall.Which is 19 wins, 9 loses and 0 ties.

His dedication inspired many of his students to keep playing basketball through out their lives.
“Yes, I absolutely love this sport,” Keithline said.

Out of all 16 years of coaching the beginning was the most difficult, said Keithline. “The first year of coaching was my most challenging year of all because I was still young at 21 years old.”

“The thing I love about McNamara is I love all the different types of people who work here” Keithline said when asked what his favorite part about McNamara was.

Keithline has had a good positive attitude and unforgettable memories with the players he has  coached. “The best game I had with Keithline [was in] my senior year because we weren’t expected to win against Gonzaga , they were a good team,” Marcus  Pilgrim said.

“The best game I had with Keithline was at hoop-hoop camp in Pennsylvania because it was a good game and we won” Erik Arnold said. Both players said they would like Keithline as their basketball coach again.